Japanese Women
On this page you will learn about Japanese women, their habits, values, current perspectives and how they behave in the family.
Japanese Women: The Most Useful Dating Tips
You've most likely heard about beautiful Japanese women, have you? Well, you might be surprised, but their beauty is not the best their feature. Japanese women are known as perfectly westernized Asian ladies, who are actually quite similar to the American ladies… But with some huge differences. Here, we'll tell you the most important reasons, why you should definitely find a beautiful Japanese woman — and of course, you'll also find some cool and useful dating tips here. Let's start!
Why Japanese women? Are they really so good?

We believe that there are three main reasons to choose a Japanese girl. Let's talk about all of them here.
Japan girls are very beautiful
Of course, we don't want to say that beauty is the most important thing in the world. But a fact is a fact — when you see a beautiful Japanese girl, the time stops and you just forget to breathe. Japanese girls are naturally beautiful — they have perfect smooth pale skin, they have awesome bodies, their faces are extremely cute, and their dark black eyes are something you will never forget. But of course, it's not only about their natural beauty — the Japan ladies know how to use make-up (Japanese make-up industry is often considered the best in the world, and lots of make-up trends were created here). Japanese girls look gorgeous even if it looks like they don't have any make-up — and the coolest thing here is that they do always wear makeup when they go out. The result is amazing — the streets of Tokyo and other big cities are flooded with very, very beautiful Japan girls. And it's just great.
Those beautiful Japanese women are family-oriented
There are lots of thoughts about traditional Asian families. Some like such traditional families, the others don't. But, there's one thing you can't deny — these families raise the girls as perfect wives and mothers. It's all about the traditionalist culture of Japan — Japanese ladies know that family is top priority, and they don't question traditional gender roles. Sounds quite foreign, right? Well, we know. Even if it sounds unlikely for you, it's the 100% truth, and Japanese women do really want to find husbands and to create strong, long-term relationships.

These women are also very shy. Your beautiful Japan girl will never shout or yell, she will not even try to dominate you, even if some huge problems come up. The manners of these women are legendary (have you heard about geishas?), and you will definitely be surprised by your nice, kind, and polite Japan girl.
Japanese girls are very smart
Japanese people are intelligent and smart, that's one of those true stereotypes about them. It makes sense that all those pretty Japanese girls are extremely smart, too! The level of education is very, very high in this country, and almost all the ladies you can meet on the international dating websites have graduated from university. They are smart, ambitious, and hard-working — but it doesn't make them less feminine. They keep the balance perfectly, and that's another reason why everyone loves them so much.
Japanese women: online and offline dating tips
At first, let's talk about online dating. If you want to meet some pretty Japanese girls, you'll have to find a good website, to create an attractive profile, and to talk to them first. Let's talk about these first steps in details.
Find a good website with Japan ladies. "Good" means "safe", "cheap", "reputable", and "without scammers". Yes, it may take quite a while to check if the site is really good, but it's definitely worth it. Well, here's a simple yet useful life hack for everyone who doesn't want to spend hours checking the dating sites: just choose any website here at Asian-women.biz and enjoy. The thing is, our experts have already found all the best sites with beautiful Japanese ladies — so all you have to do now is pick any of them and use it without any worries.
If you want to attract a beautiful Japanese woman, you'll have to create an attractive profile. It's quite simple — if you've already used at least one dating website, there will be nothing unusual for you. At first, you'll have to add some cool photos. If you have some professional full-body photos, that's great. However, selfies will work well, too. The description shouldn't be too long, but it must be honest — describe yourself and say something about your relationship goals. Like, are you looking for long-term relationships? Do you want to find a wife? Are you looking for a cute Japanese girl to spend a week with? Don't try to hide it.
Talk to them. Well, it's obvious, but still: don't hesitate and write to them first. Waiting for the women to text you first is ok if you are in Western countries, but not in Japan. Here, you'll have to be the leader in a relationship!
There are also some nuances that have to be considered when we're talking about offline dating. We'll explain them right here, so read carefully — it's really important!
Japanese ladies don't dream of dating a gaijin. They like white people, of course, but they will not fall in love with you just because you're white. Your skin color, your habits, and your beliefs differ from theirs — so you'll have to prove that you're ready to build a family. Are you financially stable? Do you have a good job? Ambitions? House, maybe? If you have four "no", well, it'll be quite difficult for you to find a girl in Japan.
You'll have to try a group date. Yes, it's a very uncommon thing in the US, but it's very popular here in Japan. It's not like going to a party with your gf, with your friends and their gfs — no, it's a date, but with other couples. Well, if you're not planning to live in Japan, it may not be relevant to you.
No kisses on a first date. Hugs, maybe, but nothing more. At first, these women are quite conservative. At last, public expression of feelings definitely not common in Japan. But it doesn't mean that Japan ladies are cold, of course. They just don't want to express their feelings in public places.
It would be nice if you learn Japanese. A little, maybe, but still. It's a hard language for native speakers of English, but if you learn at least several words and compliments, you'll earn additional points. Just for you to know: "beautiful woman" in Japanese sounds like "bijyo". If you want to tell a woman that she has a beautiful smile, say "egao ga suteki desu". Oh, and you probably already know what is "cawaii", right?
You'll have to pay for everything on a first date. Don't even try to question this, just remember: splitting a bill is not an option in Japan.
Now, you are much more ready. Don't waste your time — choose a website and find an awesome Japanese girl right now!