Chinese Women
On this page you will learn about Chinese women, their habits, values, current perspectives and how they behave in the family.
Chinese Women: Everything You Should Know About Them
Lots of men from the USA and other Western countries dream of dating and marrying Chinese ladies. If you're one of them, you probably want to know everything about these beautiful women — and if you do, we will gladly help you. Continue reading and you'll find the answers to all your questions about Chinese ladies!
Chinese women: are they really so good? Why?

You've probably heard that China girls make very good wives and mothers. That's totally true — and there are lots of reasons for us to say it. Meet the list of top reasons of why the Chinese girls are so popular among the Western men!
Reason #1:
Their fantastic beauty.
Reason #2:
They are shy, calm, and feminine.
Reason #3:
They are also modern, well-educated, and ambitious.
Let's now talk about all these reasons in details. Chinese girls are very good — let's see, why!
Have you heard about all those beautiful Chinese girls? It's a stereotype, you're right, but unlike all that "gold-digging" stereotypes, this one is 100% true. The beauty of the China ladies is the quintessence of the Asian beauty — they have amazing faces (high cheekbones plus button noses and small, but beautiful eyes), awesome straight hair (it's usually naturally black), and smooth pale skin make Chinese babes extremely beautiful. What's even more important, they have awesome bodies. The thing is, they all are small and tiny, but their figures are hourglass — it's a combination that can drive literally every man crazy. It's all about the diets and sport — Chinese babes take care of themselves because they love looking good. The last thing we'd like to tell you here is that all the China girls know how to use makeup, and the result is usually just stunning. They don't like bright makeup, no — they somehow look like they have no makeup, but 5 times more beautiful than an average American woman without makeup. No offense, it's just fact!
China girls are very feminine. They are calm and shy, they have traditional views, they respect traditional gender roles, and almost all of them want to have strong families and long-term relationships. That's how it works in China — its culture and religion have been influencing the way of thinking of Chinese people for thousands of years. Even if Chinese girls are modern and westernized, they still want to have kids and to raise them, as well as to take care of a family.

Chinese wives are loyal to their husbands. Family is the top priority for China ladies, and they don't do anything that can destroy a family. They always stay by their husbands' sides, no matter what — so if you date a Chinese lady, you can be sure she'll always support you and be loyal to you.
Education and ambitions
We personally adore the fact that the Chinese wives are shy, but we also love that they are, you know, not too shy. As we've said, an average Chinese lady is intelligent, smart (that stereotype about smart Asians is actually true), and well-educated (the quality of education is really good in China). These women are hard-working, they are ambitious, and they perfectly combine it with being romantic, family-oriented, and caring.
China girls: how to date them online?
We are sure that you now want to know more about dating beautiful Chinese girls. Here, we'll tell you 3 main rules of online dating — they'll be useful both for beginners and for dating pros!

Be clear. If you want a beautiful Chinese girl to be honest with you, don't try to hide anything from her — these women love honest men, and they hate when men lie to them. If you want to find a wife, tell your woman about it. If you're looking for, like, friendship or casual relationship, tell her.

Find a safe and good dating website with real China ladies. Some of the international dating sites aren't worth your time and money, but don't worry — our experts have already found the best and the safest dating services with real Chinese women. You can choose any of them and you won't be disappointed (but read the reviews first, because all these websites are different and they have lots of interesting features).

Respect them. It may sound obvious, but it's one of the most important rules you should follow — Chinese women are extremely respectful (it's because of their culture and religion), but only if you respect them. If you're interested in her personality, if you act like a gentleman, and if you respect her, she'll be a perfect girlfriend and wife.
Offline dating with Chinese women: dos and don'ts
What else should you know before you have your first date with a beautiful Chinese girl? Well, that's simple. Here you'll find 5 simple dos and don'ts — we are sure they'll be useful for you, especially if you haven't ever dated a woman from China!
Avoid business talk. American ladies gladly talk about work, business, and all this stuff, and the women in China don't. Be fun, easy going, and entertain her, but don't tell her too much about your work.
Learn something in Chinese. Like, not just "ni hao" — a few compliments in Mandarin will work great, we can guarantee it.
Don't use any pickup lines. Well, it's not a Chinese thing, actually — the majority of these lines are cheesy and outdated, and they just don't work anymore. But we highly recommend avoiding pick-up jokes on a first date with a Chinese lady, because they can literally offend her.
Be intelligent. While some Western women like bad guys, the women from China don't. A nerd has more chances to attract a woman here, just for you to know.
Don't hurry. Chinese people are quite conservative, and you'll have to accept it. It's not like "no sex on the first date", it's much more like "no kisses on the first date" — but if you will be patient and go through it, you will definitely not be disappointed later.